Sunday Worship Services:
8:58 and 11:00 a.m.

  • Sunday morning worship builds upon the traditions of the United Methodist Church, seeking to encounter Jesus Christ with joyful expressions of faith through music, responsive reading, scripture, and uplifting sermons.
  • The Christian calendar guides special services through the seasons, as we share our journey in faith through Advent-Christmas Epiphany and Lent-Easter-Pentecost.

At left: Maggie Anderson prepares the communion table.

Holy Communion is served the first Sunday of each month, and in other special services.

Below: Donna White, Sarah Corkedale, Amie Walker, Elisa Ford, Maggie Anderson, Ruth Fordham and others warm up for morning services.
Below: Choir members: Jean Messick, Donna White, Julie Deloney, Sharon Smith, Maggie McDonald and Maggie Anderson wear red for Pentecost
Music plays a special part in the services with a number of talented voices serving to glorify Jesus.