Confirmation education has two focal points: INFORMATION & FORMATION, examining the BASICS OF OUR FAITH, including our identity, Scripture, history and heritage, practices, beliefs and commitments as United Methodists. Spiritual formation takes time and experiences, not just information.

Confirmation provides an environment to explore and experience Christian community, relationships, spiritual disciplines, service and other activities.

Some of the questions confirmation classes seek to answer are:

Who is God?
What is my relationship to Jesus Christ?
How does God fit into my life?
What does it mean to live as a Christian?
Who am I?

At what age are children confirmed?

Because the middle school years (6th-8th grades) are when young people begin to move rom concrete thinking abstract thinking to abstract thinking, that is when most people begin to omake lifelong faith decisions. However, not everyone of ready for such a decision at this time in life and a few are ready even before 6th grade. Also, during these middle school years, youth are seeking a sense of belonging. Belonging to the community of faith is an appropriate response to that developmental task.

Do adults take confirmation classes?

In some churches, adults prepare for baptism and membership in small group settings, such as an orientation or new member class. These adult classes may focus on the history and beliefs of The United Methodist Church and the work of that local congregation. Cartecay UMC seeks to support the spiritual formation to all who come, and confirmation training is available to all, regardless of age or church background.

Can you be confirmed twice?

If a person has been confirmed, then they are members of the church and have made their profession of faith. When anyone becomes a professing member of a local church, he or she is a professing member of The United Methodist Church and of the universal church of Jesus Christ. No further ritual action is required, except for reception in the local church pledging to support it with their prayers, presence, gifts and service.

To find out more about confirmation, contact the pastor.